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Broken Pine Outdoors is a new breed of outdoor production companies. We specialize in the filming and producing of high quality videos for the outdoors that closely resembles films shot in Hollywood. We film clients’ hunting and fishing adventures as well as full length commercials for ranches, deer breeders, outdoor products and other outdoor related services. We also produce highly artistic promotionals for both large corporations and small businesses that have a movie touch rather than a corporate feel to capture and retain interest. We shoot everything in full 1920×1080 HD at 24 frames per second to give the look and feel of 35mm Hollywood film.

Quality Recording With Precision Editing

Just about everything we do is fully edited with after effects, color correction and color grading to give your video the ultimate in quality. We use jib arms, sliders, camera arms, fluid heads, soft box production lights and even purchase rights to music just for you to present you with the best in the industry. No longer will you have to suffer the same look and feel of poorly produced outdoor films or boring corporate commercials. Let our services film your next adventure or advertise your product/services with the same production value of the next greatest Box Office Hit.

Nationally Recognized

In addition to the services we provide, the Broken Pine Outdoors team participates in the filming and producing of two nationally televised shows on the Pursuit Channel. Currently reaching over 42 million US households, the Pursuit Channel is the most widely distributed hunting, fishing, and shooting television network in America. Working alongside outdoor veteran Keith Warren, our team films, edits, directs and produces for both of Keith’s shows, Deer and Wildlife Stories and The High Road. Using real people with real stories, our goal is to produce some of the best content on the air, providing viewers with passion and emotion they’ll never forget.

Click to view Pursuit Channel’s web site.


Our Story

Broken Pine Outdoors was created from a dream in December 2010 by Joshua C. Milligan. Always wanting to find his way into the outdoor industry, Josh discovered a passion for filming while interning two summers for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department at Alazan Bayou WMA. Working with backers such as Campbell Cameras, Josh was able to expand Broken Pine Outdoors to the national level, working to obtain some of the biggest ranches and breeders in the outdoor industry.  Broken Pine Outdoors now specializes in the filming and producing of commercials for corporate businesses, as well as ranches, deer breeders, product dealers and more. Working in association with the Pursuit Channel’s Keith Warren and the High Road Hunting Group, Broken Pine Outdoors has become a sought-after entity in the outdoor industry.

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Joshua C. Milligan

Joshua Milligan is the Owner and Executive Producer of Broken Pine Outdoors. Beginning back in 2010, Josh saw a need for high-end video productions in the outdoors and thus created Broken Pine Outdoors, Video Productions. He has since grown the business to the national level, serving clients from Texas to Alaska. He currently oversees all commercial and film productions for BPO while also producing full-time for two nationally televised shows on the Pursuit Channel. A previous employee of the Texas Park & Wildlife Dept., Josh proudly serves as a Pro Staff member for Campbell Cameras and continually works to expand his business into new markets inside of the outdoor industry.

Passion of the pursuit is why we do what we do.

Blake Lunday

Blake Lunday is the AP for Broken Pine Outdoors and is what we call a “predator” in the industry. Blake acts as both a field and post producer for BPO as can do everything from camera op, to editing, to photography and is oftentimes in charge of final distribution of the finished product. Coming off of a military background and a passion for the outdoors, Blake works hard to ensure that each and every client is completely satisfied with their final cut.

High Road Hunting with Keith Warren

Providing viewers with great stories from worldwide hunting adventures.

Visit The High Road with Keith Warren.

Deer & Wildlife Stories

Providing viewers with the history of ranches and whitetail deer breeders, as well as information about current diseases, politics and trends in today’s trophy whitetail industry.

Visit Deer & Wildlife Stories.

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